Best Cloud Storage for Business

Best Cloud Storage for BusinessBest Cloud Storage for Business
Paul Niemeyer
By Paul Niemeyer
September 5, 2013

Cloud Storage for Business – is it a viable solution?

As more and more corporations and small businesses become aware of the advantages of using cloud storage, the more likely they are to use it. Cloud storage for business refers to any type of service that allows people to edit, access and store data in a virtual and remote environment instead of on their company’s local computers.

I don’t have time to read – just show me what is the best cloud storage for my business.

Cloud storage system may seem too foreign or complicated for business owners who prefer to concentrate on growing their business and managing their cash flow. In reality, it is a growing technological trend that is widely used today in order to increase business capacity, save money and reduce risk while increasing business mobility and access. Aside from that, there are several advantages that a business may obtain from using cloud storage on their systems. I’ve worked as a sys-admin for years in a large corporation so I pretty much know the ins and outs of using cloud storage for business.

Advantages of using cloud storage for your business

Cloud storage has helped my consulting business rise to the next level. I’m now a retired sys admin and help other companies craft their backup strategy. Here are couple of the advantages that I think make cloud storage worth a look:

Helps Businesses Manage Data Loss Risk

This is arguably the most important benefit of cloud storage in a business. Should a disaster or equipment malfunction such as a flood, fire or computer crash occur, people are assured that their business data is safe when it is placed on a high-tech cloud storage system.

Manage and Secure Your Business With Cloud Storage
Manage and Secure Your Business With Cloud Storage

It also helps people get back to business quickly after experiencing a computer malfunction or any other event. This is because recovery is relatively simple and fast should anything go wrong as all data and information is backed up to the servers.

Helps Save Businesses Money

Save money on the long run with cloud storage
Save money on the long run with cloud storage

Cloud storage products can help businesses significantly reduce their hardware and software costs. Storing important documents with these services is cost effective, and computer hard drive space is expensive. What is good about using a cloud storage service is that the majority of them are free for limited data storage or a trial period.

Helps Increase Business Capacity

Using cloud storage services also helps people free up their internal storage space. This is particularly beneficial if a business is steadily growing. Cloud storage basically allows for unlimited growth. Therefore, it is a great solution for many start-up companies.

Helps Promote Flexibility and Mobility

A cloud storage service enables employees to access their files at clients’ offices, while traveling or from the comforts of their home. At the same time, important business documents are readily at their fingertips with mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, smartphone or Android tablet.

It also allows multiple employees to work on spreadsheets, presentations or documents even when these people are not physically together. Additionally, it helps prevent wasting time on emailing and uploading files individually. Because of this, businesses can experience increased efficiency.

Manage Your Company's Devices with Cloud Storage
Manage Your Company's Devices with Cloud Storage

Helps Create New Business Models

It has become much easier for companies to start any type of business innovation initiatives if they are using readily available cloud storage services. Combining or utilizing these services can result in innovative and new business models. At the same time, it helps them generate new value propositions that result in new revenue streams. There are even companies that create entirely unique value propositions and business models solely using cloud storage services.

Less Operational Issues

Utilizing cloud storage systems can significantly reduce operational defects and issues. This helps increase business continuity while reducing the time spent on operations. With these factors, businesses are able to concentrate on things that really matter.

A Unique Green Solution

Cloud Storage - A Green Solution for Your Business
Cloud Storage - A Green Solution for Your Business

Aside from providing businesses with the constant efficiency that they need, it is also worth noting that cloud storage services use 30 percent less energy than regular storage servers that are based on-site. This is a perfect business tool for companies that have a strong interest in green ethics.

Perfect Cloud Storage for any Business

One of the best cloud storage services for any business is JustCloud. I have used it in the past (not only for my business files as a consultant but also for personal files and photos).

JustCloud Backup Dashboard and Backup Report
JustCloud Backup Dashboard and Backup Report

What makes this company stand out among its competitors is that it provides simple automated file storage conveniently placed in a remote location with system wide recovery or backup in addition to a range of backup tools.
At the same time, businesses are given the chance to schedule their backup any time that they want. It is also possible to exclude certain types of files and limit backups to files under a specific size. With these features, JustCloud is a cloud storage solution that can meet business needs.

JustCloud Pricing

Here is a quick pricing table that’ll give you all the details you must know before signing up:
StorageMonthly1 Year2 Years
75 GB$ 6.95Save 29%
$ 59.4
$ 83.4
Save 35%
$ 107.76
$ 166.8
250 GB$ 7.95Save 25%
$ 71.4
$ 95.4
Save 38%
$ 118.8
$ 190.8
Unlimited$ 9.95Save 20%
$ 95.4
$ 119.4
Save 30%
$ 166.8
$ 238.8

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