Best Cloud Storage Providers of 2013

John Reynolds
By John Reynolds
September 23, 2013

On a yearly bases we do a general cleanup of our cloud storage reviews. So many things change in a couple of months or even weeks in the cloud storage world that it is very hard to keep track off. But that’s why we are here. We want to genuinely help people find the best cloud storage service for their needs. We do update the articles and comparison chart almost biweekly, yet we like to do a general spring cleanup once a year.

Many cloud storage services that have been our favorites in the past now have to make room for other services that are on the rise offering generous unlimited cloud storage plans with final synchronization like JustCloud. That doesn’t mean that all-time favorites like Carbonite or Backblaze are bad services, it just means that competition is very tough in the cloud storage market and each and every provider has to step up their to remain in our top list.

If you want to have a current idea of what the top 10 cloud storage providers are you can always have a look at our Top 10 chart where we reflect the changes on a regular basis.

Best Cloud Storage Providers
Best Cloud Storage Providers

Overview of the best cloud storage providers

This overview provides you with a quick glance on what are the best cloud storage providers of 2013. So if you don’t have time to read the in-depth reviews this will be a great starting point for your cloud storage needs.

#1: our winner
Storage*UnlimitedUnlimited60 GBUnlimited100 GB
$ 9.95$ 5.00$ 7.49$ 4.92$ 10.00
Price per
$ 95.40$ 50.00$ 74.99$ 59.99$ 100.00
banbanbanban2 GB
Free trial*
14 15 30 15 ban
System*windows apple windows apple windows apple windows apple windows apple ubuntu

#1 – JustCloud unlimited cloud storage

A couple of months back we noticed a new cloud storage provider on the market named JustCloud. Of course every now and then new providers are popping up but JustCloud just went on a popularity frenzy because everybody seems to be talking about it. So we decided to give JustCloud a closer look and at first, we were not impressed. Some of the features were very basic, they were limiting the bandwidth and had other restrictions that we didn’t like and found other providers were doing a lot better.

However, today, JustCloud has improved a lot and has therefore become one of our top choices for cloud storage especially when you need a lot of storage space for little amount of money. JustCloud provides you with all the necessary features you might need like file sharing, file synchronization and backup scheduling. If you make use of special deals you can even get up to 50% off. You might want to read our JustCloud review to find out more about the features.

StorageMonthly1 Year2 Years
75 GB$ 6.95Save 29%
$ 59.4
$ 83.4
Save 35%
$ 107.76
$ 166.8
250 GB$ 7.95Save 25%
$ 71.4
$ 95.4
Save 38%
$ 118.8
$ 190.8
Unlimited$ 9.95Save 20%
$ 95.4
$ 119.4
Save 30%
$ 166.8
$ 238.8

#2 – Backblaze

We just love Backblaze because of its ease of use. While Backblaze is not a cloud storage service it can store your files for up to 30 days if they are deleted from your computer. Backblaze normally mirrors your files that’s why it is called backup and not cloud storage. Backblaze has very good transfer speeds, so your files are transferred quickly and you are securely backed up.

However, in terms of features, Backblaze has a lot of limitations which mites make you think twice if you need features like file sharing or remote access. However, if you’re looking for online backup for around five dollars per month Backblaze is a safe bet.

StorageMonthly1 Year2 Years
Unlimited$ 5Save 17%
$ 50
$ 60
Save 21%
$ 95
$ 120

#3 – SugarSync

As the name already suggests sugar sync is primarily a file synchronization service. Therefore you cannot expect unlimited cloud storage, yes you will receive a full-fledged file synchronization and sharing service that is also more secure. Sugar sync offers 5 GB of free storage that will let you play around with that service until you decide to purchase.

We like sugar sank because it gives you more flexibility than dropbox (you can choose the folders you want to sink yourself.) Also, file synchronization is very fast and reliable. If you’re looking for a budget cloud storage solution sugar sync might not be for you. However business users will love the reliability and customer support. Personal users can refer friends to sugar sank to increase their free storage space so that you might not even have to pay for it if you need more than 5 GB.

StorageMonthly1 Year
60 GB$ 7.49Save 17%
$ 74.99
$ 89.88
100 GB$ 9.99Save 17%
$ 99.99
$ 119.88
250 GB$ 24.99Save 17%
$ 249.99
$ 299.88

#4 – Carbonite online backup

Carbonite online backup is an unlimited online backup service just like Backblaze. However, we like Backblaze a lot more, because it doesn’t have that much restrictions than Carbonite. Only consider Carbonite if you do not have a lot of data to back up because they will limit your bandwidth after a couple of gigabytes. Also, Carbonite will not backup movie files automatically. You need to choose each and every file that contains the video yourself. Also, the standard version will not backup external hard drives, you need to purchase the premium version which is a little more expensive.

Overall, Carbonite is very easy to use and if you don’t have a lot of data to back up but are looking for a reliable online backup service you can get it for $59 per year. Unfortunately, there are no monthly plans available.
StorageMonthly1 Year2 Years3 Years
Unlimited$ 4.92$ 59.99
$ 59.04
Save 7%
$ 109.99
$ 118.08
Save 15%
$ 149.99
$ 177.12

#5 – SpiderOak

SpiderOak is certainly one of the most secure cloud storage services, today. They offer a zero knowledge privacy which encrypts your files before their sins to SpiderOak so that nobody can see your files even if you wanted them to. Before transferring your files you choose a personal encryption key that will securely encrypt your files. The problem is if you ever forget that key you will not be able to restore your files.

SpiderOak also offers file sharing and synchronization, yet we figured that there were a couple of performance issues when using that service. File transfers and synchronization have been quite slow so if you want to sign up for SpiderOak you need to bring a little more patience to the table than if you were using dropbox. Using cloud storage services always is a trade-off between security and connection speed. You just need to decide what is more important to you.

StorageMonthly1 Year
100 GB$ 10Save 17%
$ 100
$ 120

What’s next?

These were our top choices of cloud storage providers today. Our favorites is JustCloud. Of course, that can change because as we mentioned before the cloud storage market changes rapidly. we are at the bleeding edge of cloud storage technology and will inform you about current changes and important features that you might want to use.

If you still can’t decide which is the best cloud storage service for you you can check out our comparison chart that will show you in-depth features.

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