Largest Free Cloud Storage Service Available

Largest Free Cloud Storage Service AvailableLargest Free Cloud Storage Service Available
Paul Niemeyer
By Paul Niemeyer
November 28, 2013

Largest Free Cloud Storage Service Available

The cloud storage services are appealing and they are getting an increased acceptance in recent times. These storage services are convenient and massively popular for various reasons. It makes it possible to immediately sync your confidential files from a directory to a Web-based source wherein they can easily be accessed from anywhere with a sign in. And your personal files, documents, photos, music, videos and others can be synchronized across a couple of computers and cellular devices with includes tablets and smartphones, using an assortment of different platforms.

To this extent, exactly how much volume of storage do the cloud services offer for free? And consequently with a variety of free cloud services up on stage now, how would you differentiate between them? Review a handful of options that I have for you in this article.

#1: our winner
Storage*25 GB20 GB100 GB
$ 2.49$ 9.99
Price per
$ 29.88$ 10.00$ 99.00
5 GB7 GB2 GB
Free trial*
System*windows apple windows apple windows apple

Google Drive

If you are looking for a cloud storage service that would be purposeful and free of cost, and have the ability to fulfil all your undefined requirements, I will suggest to go for Google Drive. This is the cloud service that brings you all the necessary feature that you are looking for at zero cost. Previously it worked as Google Docs, now it’s been updated to a reliable cloud storage service that provides an exceptional support to the users of various platforms including Windows and Mac. Recently, Google launched an integrated app for the mobile users that supports both Android and iOS.

Storage amount for free:  The most impressive thing about Google Drive is its free plan of 15GB. It’s certainly a substantial amount that is not offered for free by many of the service providers in the industry. Google Drive imposes a limit to your upload volume to 10GB. However, I must say, this significant volume is necessary enough to cover almost all of your stuff at home and business. What should you do when your free cloud storage is full? 

As most of internet users are comfortable with using Google, Google Drive could effectively be a perfect and easy solution in syncing and backing up the necessary files and documents with your Gmail Account. So, there will be no extra hassle of registering to a new storage service providers. Just use your Gmail, sign in and start using Google Drive!

Pricing Plan
StorageMonthly1 Year2 Years
25 GB$ 2.49$ 29.88
$ 29.88
$ 59.76
$ 59.76
100 GB$ 4.99$ 59.88
$ 59.88
Save 100%
$ 119.76
200 GB$ 9.99$ 119.88
$ 119.88
Save 100%
$ 239.76
400 GB$ 19.99$ 239.88
$ 239.88
Save 100%
$ 479.76
1000 GB$ 49.99$ 599.88
$ 599.88
Save 100%
$ 1199.76
2000 GB$ 99.99$ 1199,88
$ 1199.88
Save 100%
$ 2399.76
4000 GB$ 199.99$ 2399.88
$ 2399.88
Save 100%
$ 4799.76
8000 GB$ 399.99$ 4799.88
$ 4799.88
Save 100%
$ 9599.76
16000 GB$ 799.99$ 9599.88
$ 9599.88
Save 100%
$ 19199.76


Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive would be the ultimate solution if you are so deep into Windows. This cloud storage service is firmly incorporated with Windows and provides a great support for the users of Windows 8. Though SkyDrive is a service provided by the leading American multinational corporation – Microsoft, it is designed to be compatible with the other platforms like iOS, Mac and Android. SkyDrive may provide you with great help in syncing your important documents and spreadsheets if you feel so comfortable working with Microsoft Office 2013.

Storage amount for free: You can get a volume of 7GB from SkyDrive at zero cost. This is surely a good amount of storage that any business owner or corporate personnel can consume for their various purposes. This could also be a great option for the home owners using Windows to easily sync the necessary files.

Pricing Plan
Storage1 Year
20 GB$ 10
$ 10
50 GB$ 25
$ 25
100 GB$ 50
$ 50




Dropbox is a leading cloud storage service in the industry. This storage service is very much popular due to its user-friendly interface and this company is providing an outstanding service for home owners and also the enterprisers with almost 2 million membership. Dropbox supports all compatible platforms including Mac, Windows and Linux and it also supports iOS, Android and BlackBerry for mobile phone users. It has an interesting feature where a user can get up to 500MB of storage volume by simply giving reference to a friend to join Dropbox. The user can give a maximum of 32 referrals.

Storage amount for free: Dropbox provides you with 2GB of storage capacity in its free plan. For the personal or small business purpose, I think, this 2GB is quite enough to back up all of your essential files and documents with protected user policy.

Although Dropbox is a top ranked service in the niche, it has some downfall as well. This aspiring cloud services lacks the feature that could have the ability to collaborate on files. But, its reliable service is a prevailing factor that is still backing up its reputation to a great extent.

Pricing Plan
StorageMonthly1 Year
100 GB$ 9.99Save 17%
$ 99
$ 119.88
200 GB$ 19.99Save 17%
$ 199
$ 239.88
500 GB$ 49.99Save 17%
$ 499
$ 599.88


Free cloud storage service is not difficult to get these days. Anyone can provide it, and anyone can actually provide an ample amount of volume. Nonetheless, the preferable cloud storage services ensure that you get more than just storage. They provide accessibility, multi-platform framework, security, assurance, app integration, and even more.

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